Wyoming Offseason Countdown: 1-9

In the last installment of the offseason countdown we’ll be looking at the 1-9 guys. These guys may have single digits on their uniforms but their importance to the team is just as much as anyone else. There are legitimate stars in this group, guys who could see playing time at the next level of […]

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The Mountain West, Conference of Running Backs?

A few years ago I wrote an article highlighting the talented quarterbacks in the Mountain West. At the time, the year 2013, the Mountain West was full of gunslingers. Of the five quarterbacks on that list four of them currently are playing professionally. Two in the NFL, and two in the CFL. The other became […]

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Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen will be counted on heavily this season to lead the Cowboy offense. Allen is returning from a season ending shoulder injury last season. (Photo via County10.com)

Wyoming Offseason Countdown: 10-19

The Wyoming offseason countdown continues, this time with the 10-19 block! There’s a lot of youth in this block, similar to many other blocks that have been featured so far. This block will be important in that the leader of the offense, Josh Allen, is in here. Allen, whose season ended after just a few […]

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Wyoming Offseason Countdown: 20-29

In this week’s preview we look at the 20s block, the block that’s going to be responsible for a lot of the success of the Cowboys this season. In this group we have returning senior Shaun Wick who, paired alongside Brian Hill, will look to form the Mountain West’s top tandem rushing attack. Also in […]

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Wyoming Cowboy Josh Harshman catches his first touchdown against New Mexico last season. Harshman will add needed depth at the tight end position this coming season. (Photo via County10.com)

Wyoming Offseason Countdown: 30-39

Welcome to the 30s block of the Wyoming football offseason countdown! This group of youngsters here, long with one junior and one senior, are the future of Wyoming football. Logan Wilson and Isaac Jefferson will be coming into their first years of playing on the team. Pownell and Pilapil each saw playing time last year, […]

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