WyoNation Takes On Vandal Nation

WyoNation I would like you to meet Vandal Nation. I had the chance to ask Sean Kramer the football writer for Idaho’s school newspaper a few questions about Saturday’s game. You can follow Sean on Twitter @VandalNation and read his work over at VandalNation.com . If you would like my take on this matchup see my ‘Clean It Up’ […]

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Clean It Up

For a second week in a row I am going to forgo “Know The Foe” because yet again who we are playing doesn’t matter at all. The problems the Cowboys are having fall squarely on themselves and until they execute properly it doesn’t matter if we are playing. Here are three areas that must be […]

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Mountain West Toxic Tuesday: Week 3

It was a better week for the Mountain West seeing member schools going 5-4 with Air Force on a bye after the week 2 conference wide debacle. The big movers this week in a positive fashion in the ratings were Fresno State (+7) who moved to the top of the toxic ratings after their beat down […]

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One Man Team?

Last week I said the Cal Poly game came down to the effort, desire and commitment the coaches and players had for Wyoming football and nothing more. With a 24-22 loss to Cal Poly at home the Pokes failed miserably in this cause and the words of the coaching staff have become fairly hollow. During fall […]

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Wyoming Scoreboard: Unacceptable Loss Edition

Is this progress? Honestly I do not know. There were extenuating circumstances with the injury to Brett Smith but shouldn’t a coach in his fourth year have enough talent and depth to beat a FCS team at home regardless? I think that is the question that has to be answered, more on this tomorrow.

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Wyoming vs Cal Poly Preview

To continue this week’s theme that the game on Saturday is all about the performance and effort the Cowboys put in and nothing else we are changing the format of the game preview. Instead of going into the individual team matchups, I will offer three keys to the game that are essential for Wyoming to notch their first victory of the season. […]

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No Know The Foe

Wednesday is my customary day where I look at Saturday’s opponent for the Cowboys. This week I am changing things up though as whom our opponent is this week really does not matter. This week needs to be about the players who will be wearing the brown and gold. Only we can control our level […]

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