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I was traveling through TX and NM and heard the nmsu AD on the radio before their game against Hawaii. Apparently there was a large meeting with all 130 (or whatever it is) ADs from FBS in Washington. It sounded as if it is an annual meeting and they discuss all things athletics.

Anyways, his comment was along the lines of "I'm glad we are at least sitting at the table, but college athletics is more fragmented and divided than ever. I don't think that is a good thing and I'm not sure what the indications are, but, again, I'm glad nmsu is at least sitting at the table".

I wonder if Burman was at this deal and what is his take on it is. nmsu is obviously in a much different spot than many other teams, but I thought the comment was interesting.
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That is interesting....seems like turbulent times ahead.
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I think all of us saw this coming.
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