Wyoming Releases 2020 Football Schedule

Everything Wyoming Cowboy and Mountain West football!
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Probably the 4 toughest games are all at home, 3 mountain div. I bet Boise is thrilled to come to Laramie December 12.
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Apparently no divisions this year. The two teams with the highest conference winning percentage will play in the championship game.

Air force only has six conference games. Boise only has seven conference games. Advantage to them if they go undefeated as they just have less conference games to play to be undefeated in. But if they drop even one game their win percentage at 5-1 or 6-1 in conference will be less than a team that goes 7-1 in conference swinging the advantage back to the teams playing the full eight conference games.
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If Wyoming has the highest winning percentage we'll host a conference championship game on December 17th.....

Carhart's has to be thrilled.
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I think we can go at least 7-1
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The official schedule for THE Wyoming Cowboys during this bizarre year that is 2020 :roll:

Sat., Oct. 24 at Nevada*
Sat., Oct. 31 HAWAI’I*
Sat., Nov. 7 at Colorado State*
Sat., Nov. 14 AIR FORCE*
Sat., Nov. 21 UTAH STATE*
Sat., Nov. 28 at UNLV*
Sat., Dec. 5 at New Mexico*
Sat., Dec. 12 BOISE STATE*

Hawaii replaces SDSU on the schedule. The original version released in Jan./Feb. had us playing the Asstecs in Laramie. The rest of the schedule, in terms of where and whom the games are played remains the same. To quote Spock…."Fascinating!!!!"
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Would love to see the Pokes play in the new Vegas stadium. Fingers crossed 🤞
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3 solid home games in freaking Nov and Dec. Several players sitting out or retired.
Cowboy tough is about to get tested. Looking forward to seeing it!!
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