It was a great season for a fair-weather fan like me...

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As a Wyoming native and alum, Wyoming Athletics used to be so important to me. But as I age (late 50's) that 380 mile drive to Laramie seems longer and longer. And since I've always greatly preferred the in person experience, interest has faded. Age? Distance? Quality of programs? A bit of it all, I guess.

This year was such a great surprise and blessing. For the first time in years I felt I knew every player well, logged some miles to games. It was fun. It felt good to be back in the conversation. And it all seemed to rest on a razor's edge, a team that was always in the game but could never put it away, and then, could never quite make up the gap.

Thank you Wyoming Cowboy Basketball for a really fun season. And being a Cowboy fan has its points of pride. As we were making our last big push against BSU in Vegas, and the multitudes of Cowboy fans were on their feet, the TV cameras turned to the teams awaiting the next game in the tunnel. There was David Roddy. I KNOW he was thinking to himself, "man, I wish my team had this kind of support."

I was saving my powder for Portland, but we came up a game short. Oh well. GO POKES!
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