Men’s Basketball at UT Austin

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It looks like UW will be making a trip down to Austin to play UT on November 26th. That’s the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend - don’t imagine the game will be particularly well attended.

UT opened a brand new multipurpose arena last year - it’s nice but has absolutely no character at all. UT basketball isn’t particularly well supported by the fan base given the alumni network the school has and for being located in a metro with 2+ million people. UT will have a good team but they will be young and learning to play together. Should be a good measuring stick for where UW is in the grand scheme of college basketball.

One thing I will say for the UT athletic department is that they have been very willing to schedule games with smaller schools. I’m sure most of you remember when the football team came to Laramie a while back. The football team has also gone to play at schools like Louisiana Monroe. Obviously, a brand like UT football doesn’t need to do that. They could probably schedule all out of conference home games every year if they wanted to. I’ve always respected that about them. I do wonder if it will change when they move to the SEC next year.
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